Why Do Cleared Conversations on Snapchat Reappear? – Explained!

Snapchat is a widely popular social media platform known for its disappearing messages feature. However, it can be confusing and frustrating when you see deleted messages reappearing on your Snapchat chat box. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this issue and provide you with solutions on how to fix it.

Understanding Snapchat’s Disappearing Messages Feature

Snapchat is designed to provide a more spontaneous and exciting platform for conversations. Messages sent on Snapchat automatically disappear within 24 hours of viewing, allowing users to feel more comfortable sharing about their lives and themselves on the platform. The ephemeral nature of the content, along with fun filters and effects, has made Snapchat a go-to platform for many users, especially the younger audience.

Snapchat prioritizes user privacy by notifying them when their content is being saved, screenshotted, or replayed. However, many users have reported that their cleared conversations on Snapchat have reappeared, raising concerns about privacy and security.

Reasons for Cleared Conversations Reappearing on Snapchat

There are several reasons why someone might choose to clear a conversation on Snapchat. Clearing conversations can help maintain privacy by ensuring that the content of your conversation is not easily accessible to others who might have access to your device or account. It can also help declutter your inbox and serve as a precautionary measure to enhance security, especially if you have sensitive or confidential information in a conversation.

Sometimes, people clear conversations to start fresh with a particular contact or to remove reminders of past interactions or events. However, it’s important to note that clearing a conversation only removes it from your local device; it does not delete the conversation from the other person’s device or Snapchat servers.

Now, let’s delve into the reasons why cleared conversations on Snapchat might reappear:

1. Server Synchronization

When you clear a conversation on your device, it removes the chat history from your local storage. However, Snapchat stores messages on its servers as well. Occasionally, due to synchronization delays or technical issues, the cleared conversation might reappear because the server has not yet updated the status of the conversation. In such cases, the conversation should eventually disappear again once the server updates itself.

2. New Message or Activity

Another reason cleared conversations on Snapchat might reappear is if the other person sends you a new message or there is any activity in the conversation after you cleared it. Snapchat wants to ensure that you don’t miss any important messages or updates, so the conversation reappears to notify you about the new content.

These are the two major reasons for cleared conversations reappearing on Snapchat. Now, let’s explore how you can clear a conversation on Snapchat and prevent it from reappearing.

How to Clear a Conversation on Snapchat

Clearing a conversation on Snapchat is a simple process. Follow these steps to clear a conversation and remove it from your device:

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device and log in if necessary.
  2. Swipe right on the main screen to access the Chat tab where your conversations are listed.
  3. Locate the conversation that you want to clear and swipe right on it.
  4. Tap on the More option represented by three vertical dots (⋮) on the right side of the screen.
  5. In the menu that appears, select the Clear Conversation option.
  6. A confirmation dialog may appear to confirm your choice. Tap on Clear to confirm that you want to clear the conversation.

By following these steps, the chat history for that particular conversation will be cleared from your device, and it will no longer be visible in your Snapchat chat list. However, it’s important to remember that the conversation will still be accessible on the Snapchat server and the other person’s device unless they also clear the conversation.


Snapchat’s disappearing messages feature adds a layer of privacy and excitement to conversations. However, cleared conversations on Snapchat may reappear due to server synchronization issues or new messages/activity in the conversation. By understanding the reasons behind this issue and following the steps to clear a conversation, you can maintain your privacy and declutter your chat list.

If you have any more questions or doubts about Snapchat or any other related topics, feel free to drop them in the comments below. We’ll be happy to address them in our upcoming blogs!

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