Top 5 New Whatsapp Tracker Apps – 2023

As you know and know that WhatsApp is the most effective way to stay in touch with your loved ones. As you know it is important to maintain constant web connection through WhatsApp. If you are a parent i.e. if you have a father or a brother, then you should test your child’s WhatsApp behavior using a spy app. And you already have a wide range of choices if you’re trying to find the most reliable, secure app that’s most useful for you that can track WhatsApp messages.

If both of you are in these situations, if you are in trouble and you need a good thing, then this is one of the best and most useful WhatsApp online tracker applications, and you will find it useful. will With these apps, users will be able to quickly track anyone’s online time. You’ll know when your friend or child is online because you’ll be good at it, teaching you proper manners and being able to talk to them.

WStat is an application that tracks WhatsApp

WhatsApp Tracker

If you are, then you can probably use WaStat app as your very help you will get great result and find helpful for the needs. Additionally, you will be able to view the last 30 days of data in graphs. WaStat can be the best and reliable option, unique in that it will show you everything in graph form when Wasap was last seen online.


  • First of all, the show was watched online for the last time
  • Secondly, display up to 10 profiles
  • Thirdly, you can send notifications anytime you know someone is online.

Whatsapp Online Tracker

Wefollow is a service designed for parents, this app is going to be very helpful and useful for you. It provides online/offline status of your child or spouse on the phone giving everything in the form of bad confession. Monitor your child’s online time. are sleeping Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep so you could use it? You just have to be aware!

It helps you keep track of your online as well as your disconnected status whenever your child is online, and receives notifications about them and you.provides


  • First thing is to get online track notifications.
  • Secondly, notify offline track users of track changes.
  • Thirdly, monitoring and usage analysis.
  • Fourthly, monitoring of specific activity.
  • The fifth thing is to monitor multiple numbers (up to 5 numbers).
  • Sixth is the historical track log
  • Live support


  • And yes there are no apps running in the background.
  • This reduces the energy consumption of your batteries.
  • It works on all Android tablets and phones.

Chat Track

Now we are going to talk about Third Track’s ability to track the number of your choice and receive detailed notifications and reports!

Now we are going to discuss an online last seen status monitor online and offline notifications.

  • Full reports
  • 7/24 coverage
  • free trial

Yansa Tracker App for Whatsapp

Yansa lets you track and monitor activity statistics on applications like vk app, whatsapp, and telegram which will be great for you. And let me tell you one more thing here to track data you just need to create a profile, and even if you are offline means you are offline on whatsapp your whatsapp Even if the app is off and not connected to the internet, your great work will come, our app can be used all hours of the day!
And here I tell you one more good thing through our app you can connect more than 10 VK, Whatsapp and Telegram accounts that means you can tap ten accounts and dates and time intervals.

  • You can view analytics for each profile with a choice between
  • Statistics are displayed in minutes!
  • This will enable you to receive push notifications and make it better.
  • Receive push notifications every time and will give you information like when you know the status of a newly added profiles, ie WhatsApp or Telegram profiles is online or offline.
  • Our tools vk, tg and whatsapp and profile can be viewed by everyone and synced regardless of whether you are offline or not logged into the app!

The WA family

It is designed for the simple person who doesn’t know how all these settings work with this program, which is designed in a simple and intuitive way. Yes, you will be able to use it to track and identify the number you have added to the program. The online tracking program is all-in-one right on your gadget, easy to use and has a number of benefits.

  • No need to open file in WA family. WA Family,
  • Its First Benefit Its First Benefit 1-25 telephone numbers including,
  • His Second Benefit His Second Benefit track was last viewed quickly.
  • Third generation of this you can give a letter or name to your created number and receive instant notification.

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