How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos on Android 2023

Finding out that your photos or videos have been deleted by mistake can be a big heartbreak and often because they hold your memories. This can happen by mistake while cleaning photos to free up space, it often happens that our mobile memory is full or due to some technical problem you have to reset your phone.

Whatever the reason, losing photos and videos is one of the worst things that we worry about. However, if you are using an Android phone, we have a solution for you and a very good one at that.

There are several methods by which you can recover your deleted photos, videos or any other files on Android phone. Read our article till the end and carefully follow the step-by-step process to recover deleted photos or videos on your Android smartphone and stay with us from well to the end.

how to recover deleted photos videos

 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos or Videos on Android Smartphones

  1. Recover deleted photos from your phone gallery.

Most Android smartphones have a recycle bin in the default gallery app, which means that more phones now have a recycle bin option in their phone’s gallery. It enables recovery of deleted photos. Note that most of them are removed from the bin after 30 days of non-recovery, meaning that they come here every time something is deleted from your phone’s gallery.

Once you realize that your important photos, videos or any files have been deleted, quickly open the phone’s gallery app, that is, now you have to go to the phone’s trash and recently deleted files. Go to items or bins. Now, click on photos, click on your videos and you will get restore option which will bring back all your photos videos easily. Tap on it and your photos will be restored.

If you can’t find the deleted photo in the bin i.e. if you don’t find any photo or video there, then there is another way to recover the photo. Smartphone OEMs provide a cloud option and do it very well, where whenever your device is connected to the internet i.e. after enabling the auto sync option to upload photos, the photos are saved. . You need to log in to the cloud app or website provided by the smartphone and by doing so all your stuff can be recovered.

Recover deleted photos from Google Photos

The best tool to recover your deleted photos is Google Photos and I say it’s the one app they have on your phone. Whenever you set up your Android phone, you have to login with your Google account ie whenever your phone is set up i.e. Gmail ID. This account syncs with Google Photos and whenever you are connected to the internet, the photos are uploaded to the Google account meaning they are uploaded automatically. Even if photos and videos are deleted from your phone’s gallery, they will still remain in Google Photos, meaning that even if your photos are deleted from your phone’s gallery, they will remain in Google Photos.

If you have accidentally deleted your photo, videos, or any such file, go to the Google Photos app and search for that photo. Most likely, it will be there because it leaves a lot of data in Google Photos. Once found, tap on the three dot option in the top right corner which will give you several options including download and your photos and videos will be back in your gallery. Tap Download and the photo or videos will be saved in your phone’s gallery.

If you have deleted photos or videos from the Google Photos app, you can also recover them and do it for good.

Recover Your Important deleted photos and the videos from OneDrive,and Dropbox and cloud services

If you’ve been using cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox to back up your photos and videos, or anything else, you’ve already done at least the bare minimum, and most likely you’ve backed up your photos. Or take a backup of the videos. You just need to login to the platform and recover deleted photos, all your photos and videos will be recovered.

Note that deleted files in OneDrive can be recovered within 30 days of your photos or videos being deleted.

Recover deleted photos videos media in SD card

If you have reached here, it means that you have not yet recovered your deleted photos, videos or any of your essential files. Most of the Android users use SD card, there are often people who use memory card because they have the luxury of expanding their storage and saving space in the phone’s internal storage. Should . If you are someone who saved photos on SD card and not in the cloud, you can recover them.

Unlike previous methods i.e. what you saw in previous methods, this time it will not be a cake walk. Also, you need data recovery software and a desktop to perform this step i.e. you can use either a data recovery software or a desktop. With all things resolved, let’s check the steps to recover deleted photos from SD card and check for good.

Important Steps to Recover and the Restore Your Deleted Photos from SD Card

Although we are not describing the steps for a particular application i.e. I cannot guarantee that yours will be done, you can still follow the basic steps that are common to all.

Unmount your SD card from your smartphone means you have to unmount your memory card.

Connect memory card to the your personal computer using the SD card slot. If the SD card slot is missing, and then you can use an SD card reader.

Download and install the data recovery software on your desktop and run it as you read above to install a data recovery software.

Now, the application will show all the drives that can be scanned including the hard drive and SD card.

Select your memory card and scan.

After the scan is complete, the application will display the files that it can recover, meaning you can add photos, videos to those files when the scan is complete.

Click on Recover and backup all your photos and videos and select a location on your personal computer where the files will be restored.

  1. How to avoid the confusion losing your photos videos in Android? That means that no photos or videos of you will be deleted

It is always recommended to use cloud services to back up your photos, videos and other important files, so you should probably use them too if you see people taking more backups. While Google Photos automatically syncs with the phone’s gallery, meaning they keep uploading automatically, you can also use Google Drive to upload and keep as a backup, which is also a good idea. There is a way. There are other cloud backup options that you can explore as well.

Recover permanently deleted photos videos any media from Android? Your files, photos, and videos have been permanently deleted

Unfortunately, you can’t recover permanently deleted photos from Android ie you can’t recover your permanently deleted photos. The only way to recover deleted photos depends on the condition that you have backed up the photos either to the cloud or to an external storage, then you can go and recover everything.

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