How To Make Money Online (Earn Upto US$100-200/Day)

Friends, do you also want to earn money online sitting at home or thinking how to earn money online?

So in today’s article, I will tell you some ways through which you can earn money online from home. There are many ways to earn money online. Want to know how we can earn money online from home. There are modern ways to earn money online, which I think 90 percent of people in the world are doing today and be able to earn millions of rupees monthly from home. These are not false claims etc. I am telling you the truth. But if you learn and work with a good heart and intention, you can earn a good monthly income sitting at home.

Earning money online is not a difficult task but when we make it a mental tension then whatever it is then it seems difficult but I think if I think in my mind it is nothing. It will prove to be a very easy job if you do it with your heart then you can earn lakhs of rupees per month

8 ways you can earn money online from home

1 Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a platform that Google Publishers i.e. millions if we talk in the world, today I think quite millions of people are earning their earnings by using Google AdSense and Bank throws are also coming out. Google AdSense gives you income at home, which if you work hard, you can easily earn millions of dollars monthly through Google AdSense. The use of Google AdSense in today’s world. If seen, the trend is increasing too, Google Adsense is used with YouTube channel and with application and with website. You can release the system, the same process is done with the application, you can monetize it by following whoever has roles etc. The calculation is the same. You can use Google Adsense with your YouTube channel

2 Blog

Talking about blogging today, I think there will be very few people who don’t know its name, but many people know its name and are earning millions of rupees monthly from home by working on blogging. The platform of blogging is the platform in the world which is very popular nowadays, people are working on it whether it is in any school or any hospital or any other government office etc. A website is used, you must have seen it often in shops or when you go to an up-brand hotel, then there they have written the name of their website. Now the website itself is related to blogging. Here we give the name of the website how you can earn money from home by blogging you can make your own blog you can learn course after you make a blog you can share any skill you have with people 30 40 post on your blog then you can submit your blog to google and monetization is done online earning from home

3 App development

I have discussed above about the application that how we can earn money from the application, now here I tell you in detail that how we can earn money from home by making an application. It is a platform that games and application can be any category application can be game can be Islamic application or any education application can be on anything you can create. And you can earn money from it. Before making an application, you need to learn some tips. You can learn from YouTube channel or YouTube video how to make an application, how to upload it to Google Play Store and how to upload it People will download and how to watch ads and earn by creating an application, when they have some roles on it, when they follow them, then upload it to the play store and then with the azani. By uploading it to the play store, they will accept your application, after that they will monetize it and start earning money. will

4 YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube channel has become a dream of every person and to earn money from it, nowadays everyone wants to have a YouTube channel so that I can earn money from it, but it is not as easy as you think about YouTube channel. If you want to create a channel, you can create it within three minutes. Give a good name and give a unique name. When you create your channel, the second step is to add yourself to it. You have to upload videos, now how to upload videos, they can be related to vlogging, you can make your own and upload what you have skills, you can share with people as many people will like you as you. You will get views on the videos, and you will earn according to this account. YouTube channel is also used as I have told you above, it is done through Google AdSense.

5 Affiliate marketing

If we talk about affiliate marketing, nowadays its business is also very much and its trend is increasing. You can easily earn money sitting at home with affiliate marketing. You often go to any place, so you should see this thing It is found that if you go to a shop, whatever you like to buy there, you will pay for it first and the shopkeeper who is the owner will give you that item by keeping his profit as his profit. is doing marketing but he is doing offline marketing is affiliate marketing it is called inline marketing you can earn money by doing online marketing by opening your own store and selling things

6 Drop shipping

Dropshipping is a business in which you can easily get rich day by day, now these liars who claim that we have to invest so much, we will teach you a course and then you will earn. If it happens then it’s nothing. You don’t need to invest in any platform because they are robbers. Learn from YouTube videos, learn the course, then do this, only then will you be able to help people earn money online.

7 Amazon

Talking about Amazon, today even if a child mentions the name of Amazon, it comes to his mind that in the end it is Amazon. You can run your business all over the world from anywhere you are sitting. Through Amazon, you can open your own stores and keep your customers online in the store. And the more things you sell, you can keep your money and take the things all over the world and you can also sell them, so you can earn millions of rupees per month from Amazon.

8 Surveying

You must have seen in many applications and videos that people can earn money online by doing surveys. Is this true? Can you earn millions of rupees per month by doing surveys? And I will tell you how much you are cheated. Yes, you can earn money online even by doing surveys, but if we talk about millions, then it is not possible by doing surveys. You can watch short videos, play games, answer some questions, you are not in millions, but if you are a student, you can pay out of pocket.


In the end, if I talk to you, all the platforms that I have told you are such platforms, if you learn by following even one of these platforms, you will be able to earn millions of rupees per month. will go and this platform is rail platform if you follow any of these methods learn then you will be able to make good amount so hope you will like these methods learn them and sit at home Earn money

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