5 Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Devices

Recovering deleted photos from Android is a clear trend, because we accidentally select photos and press delete before losing our favorite photos. Sometimes deleted photos contain important events, scanned copies of certificates, important evidence about the case. Losing it will hurt you a lot. If this has happened to you and you are unaware of it, don’t worry. We’re going to share foolproof ways to recover deleted photos on android. Read on to find out!

Method 1: From Google Photos

The app can safely back up all the photos you have on the cloud on your Android smartphone and restore them if needed. This backup can also automatically delete your photos, which sometimes frightens users who are unfamiliar with this feature. But don’t panic, it’s easy to retrieve photos from Google Photos.

Method 2: Recover from Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, offers an automatic photo backup and delete feature, which frees up internal memory by uploading photos to the cloud and deleting them from the phone. All photos you load on OneDrive can be retrieved from any device, including the device they were taken with.

If you’re a Dropbox user and had enabled the AutoPhotoBackup feature before you lost or accidentally deleted your photos, you can now easily save them to phone memory without a computer with just a few taps. Can recover

Method 3: Recover Photos from Google Drive

As of July 2019, images stored in Google Drive do not automatically appear in Google Photos, which means there is another way to recover deleted images from the Android Gallery. However, it is worth noting that the automatic photoback feature uploads photos to Google Photos, whether you activate it with Google Drive or Google Photos.

Recover deleted photos from SD card inside your Android device.

Using an SD card as secondary storage gives you the ability to store far more images than just relying on Internet memory. However, this puts you at risk of losing thousands of images at once, so we need to take a closer look. From

Method 4: Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

Users who want to recover deleted photos from SD card on Android can use which is currently the most user friendly and powerful photo recovery software application available, Disk Drill, and Recover Deleted Photos and Pictures. Can recover even without cloud or third party backup.

Method 5: Recover Deleted Images from Android Internal Storage with Data Recovery Software

By default, most Android devices store images in internal storage, and such images automatically appear in the Android Gallery. To learn how to recover deleted images from Android Gallery based on your operating system,

Choose one of the two methods provided in this chapter to learn how to retrieve images.

The process itself is straightforward as long as your device is rooted and you have USB debugging enabled. If neither of them rings and you want to get your photos back as soon as possible, you can follow the instructions in the next chapter.

You follow the instructions next chapter

Recover deleted photos from Android phone without root.

For best results when retrieving deleted photos from Android phone, you need root access to the entire file system. However, there are ways on Android to recover deleted photos without root. If you root your device and possibly lose the warranty

There are ways to recover deleted photos without root on Android. Use these methods if you have not a idea of ​​rooting your device and if you are a possibly losing the warranty.

Backup and Restore

If you’ve taken the time to back up your Android phone, you’re in luck now because you can recover deleted photos using the built-in backup and restore feature. Keep in mind that you may not be able to retrieve every lost image, depending on the age of your backup. Also, this option may not be available at all, or it may be called differently depending on the Mac and model of your Android smartphone.

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