3 Proven Ways To Recover Deleted Photos Videos On Android

It’s rarely a bad feeling when you open your gallery only to find out that one of your precious photos is gone and then you’re sad. It happens to me many times. Whether you accidentally deleted or a child messed with your phone or something happened to your smartphone and all of your photos aren’t there, Android gives us many ways to save and recover photos. Provides the most important methods 3 we will tell you.

Today you will learn in this article, you will see how to recover all your deleted Android photos and videos in different ways, that is, here are three methods to make sure that you have them back. There are more chances of recovery. See let’s get started.

Google Photos Verse Gallery for Photo Recovery

Google has replaced the stock “Gallery” app with “Google Photos”, which is much better than before and now looks great. Still, some manufacturers have already included their own gallery app that I think you’re looking at, such as Samsung Gallery, HTC Gallery, and Moto Gallery, Photos, or Originals. Added Google Gallery app to custom OS for owners.

The original Google App Gallery was designed for offline viewing and editing and some advanced features such that you can use it offline but easily sync with Drive or Photos and your Google backups. can be added. However, Photos was a logical alternative to Google Photos as the answer to Gallery because it offered more capabilities, integration, and device compatibility than its own good option. Sharing, editing, and device access provide more opportunities and I think you should read this paragraph, such as sharing or accessing photos on Mac, emailing photos, grouping photos. , searching images based on image content (not filename) and more. .

Whether you have the Gallery app or use Google Photos, it won’t tell you what you’re using. Here are the easiest ways to find and retrieve photos and videos.

Recover Your Deleted Photos Videos on Android

There are many more important ways to recover deleted photos on Android as possible which you will go through here.

  1. Check your Trash folders

You’ll want to check your internal trash folder first because that’s the answer Qur’an Wala was in Yahrfun because the trash folder is the most important button, then access the Google Photos trash folder. When you delete a photo from your phone’s gallery, you upload a photo, video, or any of your files from it, it goes to the trash for at least 30 days or less or more. is saved and unless you delete it first through Google Photos i.e. any photos or anything you delete from the field will be in your trash, which will Saves in “cloud” trash for 60 days.

The new mobile still has an internal gallery, meaning that phones with an internal gallery still have an internal gallery, but you can’t access photos in app form unless you preview them in the camera application. Do not open and preview, use Google Files, or use third-party galleries. Photos and images are saved to “/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/” or something similar, which I mean can be saved to something similar.

Even when you use the camera preview option, all editing actions are related to Google Photos and you can see. And let me tell you one more thing here, moreover, all the devices in specific or custom locations, regardless of the number of devices, are synced with Google Photos using Photos. Assuming you’ve recently trashed a photo using anything other than the Google Photos app—that is, someone deleted your photo and it went to your character—it’s in the device’s “Trash.” ” should be in the folder.

How to Check Your Google Photos Trash Folder to Recover Photos

When you sign in to your Gmail account, you know how important your Gmail is to you and your phone, you also sign in to Google Suite (your phone’s native Google apps) ie. Now you can send your messages through your Gmail. This means there is a good chance and good option that your photos are saved by Google Photos app. If a photo is deleted using Google Photos, it should remain in the “Trash” folder in the cloud, meaning that whatever your photos or anything else gets deleted will go to the Trash. .

Check manufacturer’s cloud backup to restore trash photos

Most phone manufacturers have some form of cloud backup that can store your photos, videos, texts, files, etc. Owned or deleted messages have their own feature on how to store them. So let’s check the manufacturer’s cloud for your missing photos and check for good.

First, go to settings on your phone (this should work regardless of the cloud service we’re looking for) and type ‘cloud’ in the search bar and from there you can search for it.

A common problem with this method is that remembering your login information is important to your phone, i.e. whatever ID you had on your phone. Every manufacturer prompts you to create an account when you first set up your phone, then all options are enabled. This can become a problem if you are not paying attention or you have the phone for a long time and it does happen.

Try third-party recovery services

If you have ever searched for “how to recover deleted photos on Android” or “how to recover deleted photos videos on Android” or how to recover deleted photos videos etc., then you have undoubtedly come across third-party services. You must have seen many ads that promise to recover your photos because there are many emails that promise you that they can recover everything. We won’t go into reviewing these services here as this is really a “buyer beware” situation, it simply means that you use other services that are apps etc.


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