Easy Way to Recover Deleted Photos Videos on Android Or iOS Devices (2023)

Do you guys also want to recover your photo video i.e. any photo video sms contact anything has been deleted by mistake whether it was deleted or one year ago or two years ago how can you recover it.

How to Recover Deleted Photos Video from Android

See, it often happens that our mobile is sometimes small children in our house and they grab it or sometimes it happens that we go to relatives or are sitting in a family and there is someone who has your mobile. Also, what they do is to delete your personal photos or videos from your mobile, or it happens that a small child at home grabs your mobile and restores your mobile. Due to which all your data is lost, then you are worried later that oh what happened to us, now how will we recover this photo video, that is, various questions arise in your mind. How to Recover Deleted Photo Video When you suddenly find out that my personal photo video or a photo video of girlfriend has been deleted, then you feel very angry and for that you People beat and beat a small child and you get angry, but you don’t need to get angry, whether by mistake or by mistake, you have deleted all your photos and videos. The recovery will be done within a minute

Photo Video Recovery App

You must have often seen or you must have seen this thing on YouTube or Tik Tok or Facebook. We try to recover the photo video through this software and you also invest your money, but you do not get the benefit and your photo video cannot be recovered, so instead of investing such money, let me tell you a free method. How you guys can recover your photo video at home for free, you don’t need to go to any person, don’t need to ask any shopkeeper to recover my photo video and You take so much money but you will recover sitting at home using the method that I am going to tell you

Memory card recovery

And it often happens to you that the memory card on your mobile also gets deleted, whatever data it contains, photos, videos, and also whatever existing songs etc. are also deleted. When you go, you feel very bad that what has happened to us, everything is gone from the personal photo video gallery of our mobile and also deleted from the memory card, now how can we restore the memory card? So, in this article, I will tell you the answer to all the questions that come to your mind. First of all, we will talk about how to recover memory card. You must have seen it often enough. Most of the software is on google that claims buy us we will recover your memory card something like that means you see rumors and you invest your money but later you get nothing. Your photos and videos are not recovered

So in this article I am going to tell you the easiest method through which you can recover your memory card within a minute. People can say SD card up, you can recover it through an application that I will tell you in this article, where to download this application, how to use it, I will tell you the whole method. So if you guys want to recover your memory card then first of all you have to download an application which link I have provided below you can download this application to recover your memory card. In this application you will see an option that if you want to recover the memory card, then you have to click on it. If you click, all your data will be recovered.

How to Recover Deleted Personal Photo from Video Gallery

So whether your personal photo video has been deleted from gallery your music songs etc photo videos sms contact anything has been deleted now i am going to tell you how to recover your personal photo videos For this you don’t need to purchase any software for that you have to download an application, I will provide you the link of this application below as you guys will download this application. The name of the application is Al Photo Recovery App, it means you can recover videos, photos, SD cards, memory cards, everything, within a minute, all your data will be recovered.

So when you guys open the application, first you will see six options ie they will ask you whether you want to recover your photos or recover videos or recover documents or music. or want to recover memory card then whatever you want to recover want to get back your photos videos you can choose the option there if you want to bring back the photos then you have that image option You have to click on this photo option, as many as 10,000 photos or 2,000 photos have been deleted from your mobile phone within a minute. It will bring back to your mobile and as soon as you see your photos back on your mobile, you will be happy.

How to get back deleted videos

If you have deleted videos then how can we get it back in this application you will also see the option of videos like you people will click on the option of videos whether it is 10 years or two years ago from your mobile. Years ago or your entire mobile must have been restored by mistake. Just click on the videos one by one. Like you, people will click on the videos. All the videos on your mobile will start to be recovered in front of the scanning screen. You just have to wait a little bit there and all your videos whether you want 10000 or 1000 videos will be recovered.


So finally I would like to tell you that if you have any photos and videos being recovered then it is good for you to respond by following this website and the method that I have told you is a very good method. This way you can recover all your deleted photos videos millions of people are following my method and also downloading this application to recover their data.

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